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Why should I use a Hollow Box rather then a Solid Box mounting ?
The hollow box weighs less!!!
The Hollow box is much lighter then the solid box so on a larger image this will make a critical difference in the weight. We don't recommend getting images with solid box mounts over 16x20. Images larger the 16x20 should be hollow boxes.
Posted By clark on 2007-09-28 14:33:59

How to Trim Your Work
Save Money on each Print by Pre-Trimming Your Work.

Trimming your work to our specifications will save you a little bit of money on each print.

You may lose up to 1/8" of paper from the edge of your print in the beveling part of the process as the beveling machine must cut the edge of the print when it makes the bevel.

Borderless printes do not require trimming but will lose up to 1/8" on each side so keep this in mind when cropping the image. For this reason prints with borders are a little bit better.

A print with borders should be trimmed so that there is a 1/8 " white border on each side. This will result in the minimum loss of active image area when the mount is beveled.

We recommend trimming prints with a corkbacked ruler a self-healing cutting surface and an X-Acto knife with a #11 blade. Using white cotton or nylon gloves is also recommended to allow you to handle the print freely.

Posted By clark on 2007-06-07 00:05:39


Why should I use a Hollow Box rather then a Solid Box mounting ?

How to Trim Your Work


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Lamiframe, located in San Leandro California, is a full service custom frame shop specializing in mounting, lamination and conservation quality traditional framing. We feature custom laminated block mounting of prints and photographs with a variety of presentations. Laminate awards, displays, pictures, photos, posters and art. Lamination is permanent and protects your artwork. Laminated artwork can be displayed in any room of your home including the bathrooms. Glassless frameless image panel framing method is an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional framing, and provides excellent UV protection to the print or poster. Images are mounted and laminated on MDF wood and are available in plaque, box, and float mounted styles. Our Quality and pricing is noticeably better than other similar services. We sell the Lisa Lauer collection as well as Oakland Raiders and Scarface posters mounted and ready to hang. Our facility is conveniently located to Oakland and SF in San Leandro in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.