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Lamiframe is the affordable alternative to traditional framing methods.

With Lamiframe’s tough clear UV protective surface, grease, dust and moisture wipe right off!!!

This robust coating makes the Lamiframe an ideal solution for public and corporate displays of artwork.

The non-glare surface makes images easier to see from any angle and reduces UV fading.

The non-glare quality of the laminate allows for a wonderful 180 degree viewing experience that is simply not available with glass glazed images.

Lamiframing is great for posters, digital and giclee prints, photography, certificates, point of sale displays, exhibits, maps, gifts, table toppers and more.

Because Lamiframes are glassless and cleanable they are safe in children’s rooms and can provide a level of protection for art in humid environments.

The Lamiframe presentation is offered in different styles with a variety of edge and mat colors.

With the colored edges and mats you can create a perfect Lamiframe to complement any image or decor!!!

The Lamiframe Process


Lamiframes use premium wood panel as a backing. The wood substrate is custom cut to your specifications.

A variety of styles are available including Plaque, Box, Hollow Box and Float.
Wood is Custom Cut to Your Specifications

The artwork and optional matting are tacked to the wood substrate using archival quality dry mounting tissue.


Print and Dry Mount Tissue are Tacked to the Wood Substrate

The tacked print is then covered with a tough, durable, transparent UV cut film laminate material.


Lamination Film is Applied to the Tacked Print and Substrate
This package is then treated with heat and pressure to produce a tightly sealed laminated panel.
The Completed Package is Hot Pressed using Minimum Heat

The panels edges are then formed with a machine that cuts the bevel and permanently bonds a colored plastic film to the edge.


Different colors of edge tapes are available to compliment your artwork and optional mat color.
The pressed print package is beveled and edged

For Plaque and box type mounts a keyholed slot is routed in the back of the panel to make it ready to hang.

Float and Hollow Box mounts can either have a cleat or a keyhole.

The cleat fits a bevel cut on the top bar and is affixed to the wall to create a more stable mount for larger prints.

Cleats are pre-drilled with countersunk holes and are affixed to the wall with either drywall screws or screws with wall anchors.

Keyhole slotted prints are hung with a simple drywall screw.


Keyhole slot is cut in the back to hang the print.
Finished keyhole slot.
Drywall screws are used to hang Lamiframed pictures.
Hollow Box with mounting cleat.
Back details from the four presentations, Float and Hollow box can have either a keyhole slot or a mounting cleat..
A completed Lamiframe mounting wrapped and ready for shipping.


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Lamiframe, located in San Leandro California, is a full service custom frame shop specializing in mounting, lamination and conservation quality traditional framing. We feature custom laminated block mounting of prints and photographs with a variety of presentations. Laminate awards, displays, pictures, photos, posters and art. Lamination is permanent and protects your artwork. Laminated artwork can be displayed in any room of your home including the bathrooms. Glassless frameless image panel framing method is an attractive and affordable alternative to traditional framing, and provides excellent UV protection to the print or poster. Images are mounted and laminated on MDF wood and are available in plaque, box, and float mounted styles. Our Quality and pricing is noticeably better than other similar services. We sell the Lisa Lauer collection as well as Oakland Raiders and Scarface posters mounted and ready to hang. Our facility is conveniently located to Oakland and SF in San Leandro in the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area.